Let the Rolls tell you a story…


... Our owner loved to bake when he was a teenager in his parents' house. This tendancy stopped during studying and working as a freelance entrepreneur, which included travelling very often and moving into the city with a small kitchen. Travelling across the world made him very well known with cinnamon rolls as he loved to eat them in cities like London or New York. Unfortunately, there was no place like this in Belgium serving those juicy, sugary treats from heaven.

After a few years, he moved into a new apartment with a decent kitchen. On top of this: COVID took over the world which created a lot of spare time to optimize the perfect cinnamon roll recipe. His friends suggested him to spread the love for Rolls and to let other people taste as well from this delicious, vegan treat. After a few weeks of brainstorming and improving the recipe, we were born! 

… And this is the story of Have A Roll.
Please have a taste of us. You won’t regret it! 😋