We offer a range of 9 different Rolls, including 7 regular ones and 2 flavours which change every month. The latter are called our 'Monthly Specials' and are most of the time seasonal flavours! All our Rolls are freshly handmade every morning to serve you the most delicious buns in town!
All our Rolls are fully vegan - no diary, no eggs, ect - and contain gluten
Our Rolls: 
Classic Roll
Our classic cinnamon roll had a swirl of brown sugar and cinnamon, topped with our signature vanilla frosting. 
Apple Roll
Topped with vanilla frosting and a scoop of caramelized cinnamon apple pieces.
Dough Roll
Topped with vanilla frosting and a scoop of cookie dough with chocolate chips. 
Caramel Pecan Roll
Topped with vanilla frosting, covered by roasted pecan pieces and a swirl of homemade caramel.
Nut Roll
Topped with pistachio frosting and caramelized sliced almonds.
Breakfast Roll
Toast and coffee is so 2020! That's why we introduce you the 'Breakfast Roll': topped with coffee frosting and chocolate chips.
Speculaas Roll
A Belgian classic! Topped with Speculaas - or Biscoff - frosting and a crunch of Speculaas.
Our Monthly Specials of April:
Apple Glaze Roll

 Our rolls are dipped in a warm bath of apple cinnamon glaze which gives them that crunchy, sweet layer!


Blueberry Vanilla Custard Roll

It’s time for some fruity flavors now Spring is here! We’re kicking off with our Blueberry Custard Roll topped with a duo layer of blueberry jam and home made vanilla custard.