Terms & Conditions

Article 1: In General

Please read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS carefully before placing any orders on www.havearoll.com. The following Terms and Conditions exclusively refer to this website and to the items sold on it.

The following Terms and Conditions define the rights and obligations of all the persons involved in the selling and buying of products and services produced by Havearoll.

General Information about Havearoll, its headquarters located on Turnhoutsebaan 66/4, 2140 Borgerhout, Belgium. VAT: BE06 85 625 890

If you have any questions about about Have a Roll, the Rolls in general or another topic, don't hesitate to ask us via info@havearoll.com. Please, mention your full name, phone number, order number and the reason contacting us.

Article 2: Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Content made by Havearoll cannot be used by others. 

Article 3: Prices

All prices are displayed on the website in Euros/EUR/€. Prices are without shipping fees. These fees will be made clear at the end of your order, before you pay the final amount. All prices include Value Added Tax (VAT).

Havearoll will not process the order if for some reason, the final amount has not been paid. If the customer did not receive an order mail directly, this means the order won't be proceed. If in doubt, please mail to info@havearoll.com.

Article 4: Information on orders and limits on our liability

The customer is responsible for the information he is giving in order to finalize the order. Havearoll cannot be hold responsible if any data is missing or if some data is wrong. If changing information, after finalizing the order or if the order is already send out, brings along certain costs, these will be charged to the customer.

By buying a product on our website, the customers agrees with the terms and conditions on the website. Havearoll reserves the right to refuse an order made by a customer. 

Article 5: Confidentiality

Personal information required for registration and finalizing the order will be stay at Havearoll and not be made public for any reason. If any information will be made public, the custom will need to agree on this and will be contacted.

We use cookies to optimize our customer's shopping experience. No data will be sold to third-parties without permission of the customer. We do use advanced matching, which tracks personal information about our customers, including name, location, email, phone number & customer browsing behavior on your online store. 

Article 6: Shipping and Handling Fees

Shipping is not possible. We're only doing walk-ins at our stores.

Please, pick-up your order at the chosen pick-up date between 11:00 - 18:00.

 Article 7: Rolls 

All our Rolls are vegan or made with plant-based ingredients. If this is not the case: this will be made clear on the website/social media so customers are informed. This means our products don't contain lactose/dairy products. 

If you have any other questions which are not made clear here: please send us a mail to info@havearoll.com or get in touch with us on social media @havearoll (Instagram & Facebook).